2017 Bough Beech Cadets represented in stormy Frensham Pond Open...

Neil Williams  |  02-Apr-2017

A crew recently represented Bough Beech Cadets in the Frensham Pond Open in near storm force winds. Noah Williams, 11 and Lucie Prior, just 8 years old, valiantly braved the uncharacteristic conditions at Frensham Pond Sailing Club in what was confirmed as the windiest day’s sailing for a long time... The wind indicator was a steady 20 – 24 knots with gusts reaching 36 knots... Whilst the crew didn’t manage to bring away any silverware on this occasion, it was a fabulous learning experience and a chance to meet Frensham Pond Cadet sailors, some of whom are GBR team members.

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Note: The Dad mentioned in the article who took to the water was your own Bough Beech Cadet Instructor!!!

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