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BB Junior Teams at RS Feva World Championships in Medemblik, Holland

Dariusz Sadowski  |  06-Aug-2017

Several Bough Beech Junior Teams have travelled to the RS Feva World Championships in Medemblik, Holland.

Six boats from the Sevenoaks School and similar number from Tonbridge as well as two BB teams took part. Fantastic results were obtained by the Anne Marie and Izzy as well as Josh Davies and Ian Ratnage - both in the Gold Fleet.

Our two non-school associated Bough Beech teams were Alex and Frances (Apple Fizz) as well as Tess & Joe (Tomato Juice).

The following is a report prepared by Tomato Juice and Apple Fizz.

Thursday Night:
We embarked on our exciting journey when we travelled to a restaurant in Harwich where we had a delicious meal that ranged from Italian to Indian. After that we arrived in the ferry and the children in the group had a good long sleep. We were not disturbed because it was not windy overnight but the vibrations of the engine was a new experience for us all.
Day 1: Arrival
Friday 21st July we arrived at Medemblik Regatta centre to start a day of training with Sevenoaks School before the Championships began. The wind was excellent; a steady force 3 from the South. We got used to the conditions at Medemblik and ensured that the boats were rigged to a sufficient standard. Then we travelled to the accommodation and explored the house whilst playing many rounds of hide-and-seek.
Day 2: Practice Race
The morning started with more training, then at 2pm the practise race began. We were split into 3 groups: Red, Yellow and Blue. Team Apple Fizz (Alex and Frances) were in Blue and Team Tomato Juice (Tess and Joe) were in Red. It was chaos! There were 2 courses: the trapezoid inner loop and trapezoid outer loop. We all had a lot of fun attempting to beat the other boats. The wind was a force 3 gusting 4 which was exciting. After the racing we attended the opening ceremony and walked in our nationalities, chanting and waving flags at the Medemblik Castle. We had our photos taken but because GBR was so big they took three separate photographs. Afterwards, we played on the trampoline at the accomatdation for 2 hours.

Day 3: Qualifiers- part 1
On this day the heavens opened and it began to rain which didn’t cheer the crews’ morales. These were more like showers and came and went away whilst we raced, it was quite choppy and the boats crashed through the waves which would affect the boat speed and as we are lake sailors we were not used to the conditions. Team Fizz were not able to stop and have food on the water this day because the races were one after another. However, we were not too overpowered on this day because we had adjusted our bridle and shrouds. Team Fizz capsized once and at Medemblik it is quite shallow so the top of a Feva mast touches the bottom when it turtles so when we brought it up it had mud on the top. When back at the house, we played ping-pong.

Day 4: Qualifying- part 2
We arrived again at marvelous medemblik and the wind was shocking. There was no wind and it was postponed for 4 hours before the wind finally increased. As the weather front approached the wind shifted to an onshore breeze. Then the wind increased to a steady 5 and the waves were growing rapidly until they got taller than a man and could not see the people in a different wave; the wind dropped to a Steady top of 3 but the waves did not shrink. The race was then underway. Team Fizz were ahead of 20 boats before tragically capsizing. Team Juice did not do to bad with 10 boats behind. That was the end of the qualifiers and we soon would find out our fleets. Team Juice were borderline bronze and silver but luckily made it into silver whereas Team Fizz found there way into bronze after the confusing finish line problem, where they went in between the wrong flags so they carried 2 DNCs with them. In the evening, we played many card games, including snap.

Day 5: 1st Race Day
We discovered which fleets we were sorted into when we arrived. Team Apple Fizz were in Bronze, whereas Team Tomato Juice managed to scrape into Silver. However, when we got onto the water, the conditions were challenging for all: not only was the wind a force 5 gusting 7 but the waves were huge. Not a single boat managed to survive all 3 races without capsizing at least once. In fact, the races for the Bronze fleet were abandoned when the wind became too strong. Multiple boats were damaged: rudders were torn off, masts broke and hulls filled up with water. Despite all of this, the Silver and Gold fleets stayed out to brave all 3 races. It was exciting, to say the least.

Day 6: 2nd Race Day
Our first race on Wednesday was abandoned due to extremely poor wind strength, we only just crossed the line! An hour and a half postponement followed, then finally a steady force 2 breeze arrived. This meant we could finally complete 3 more races, which went well for both teams.

Day 7: Our last day
Thursday meant the near end of our great time at the worlds. Gold fleet and silver fleet only had to do 2 races; bronze did 3 due to coming in early on Tuesday. The wind was a steady force 2 gusting 3, which took team Apple Fizz to 15th on the second leg of the second race. Overall, Team Apple Fizz came 48th in Bronze ad Team Tomato Juice came 48th in Silver. After packing the boats up on shore and loading them onto the road trailer, we all went into town for a delicious Italian pizza. Yum! We came back to the centre in the evening for the prize giving and closing ceremony. The only boat from New Zealand competing won, with GBR taking 2nd and 3rd. At the end of our busy day, we returned to the accommodation for a good night's sleep for the journey home the next day.

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