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Fun Novice “Race”

Don Buckle  |  06-Oct-2017

A short race, limited to members who regard themselves as novice sailors, ie those of us who do relatively little sailing, is being arranged for Sunday 22nd October. A significant number of members have given thought to trying their hand at racing with a view to making more of their membership, you may be one of them, but the idea of turning up on a busy start line is daunting.

This fun race is not part of a series or programme. The purpose is simply to provide members who would like to get more out of their sailing with a comfortable trial racing experience. To join in just turn up around 1:30pm on the 22nd for a brief introduction. If you would be interested but have no sailing partner or boat then contact David Brewer on and let him know if you are available as crew or would like someone to join you as crew or to simply say I may be interested and hope to see you. He will try to bring novice crews together.

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