Starting practice July 8th

Dariusz Sadowski  |  07-Jul-2017

Message sent on behalf of Jon Hill :

Guinea pigs required .... Do you want some start practise?

I will be running a Race Officers Course on Saturday 8th July part of which is to give our new budding RO's a practical session running starts and finishes from the committee boat ... for which we need willing dinghy racers ... you !

The practice session will start around 12:00 with a briefing by Guy Marks. Essentially there will be numerous starts; one lap of a small course and finish, some/ all of you will be briefed to sometimes be 'Over Course Side /OCS' at the start to test the RO's flag pulling skills. It'll give you start practise whilst we train the new RO's. We will have split the RO's into two groups so I envisage it being an afternoon of activity.

All are welcome, looking forward to seeing you for an early lunch and a busy afternoon,

Many thanks,

Jon Hill


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