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Sailing for All

Set in a valley with a backdrop of beautiful wooded hills, Bough Beech Reservoir offers a scenic setting for a day on the water.  Sailors of all ages and abilities can enjoy a pleasant sail followed by refreshments in our clubhouse and a chance to swap stories and sailing tips with fellow enthusiasts.  The lawns in front of the clubhouse are a great place to picnic whilst watching the sailing on the reservoir.

Whilst most members have their own boats, a fleet of club boats is also available for members to hire.  Safety cover is provided at weekends by our volunteer safety squad.  Buddy sailing rules apply when there is no safety cover.

Members also get together to organise trips away to other sailing venues.   Traditionally these include Cobnor Week, which combines dinghy day sailing in Chichester harbour with summer camping.  In the past there has sometimes been an autumn weekend away cruising a coastal stretch of water – the Blackwater Estuary has been a popular choice.

Youth Sailing 

Youth Sailing will start in May 2023 and run fortnightly, on Sunday afternoons.  The dates are on the Club calendar. This is an opportunity for any young Club sailors to join together for informal practice, leisure sailing or just improving their skills. The Club acknowledges the importance of time spent sailing for both youths and adults, whether free sailing or in structured training or racing. These Youth Sailing sessions are not formalised training although advice may be offered from other sailors from time to time.

 Youth Sailing is not part of the training curriculum but offers a chance to free sail with a group of friends, with the benefit of an escort vessel, either sail or power, for support afloat or any running repairs or adjustments, under the watchful eye of the rostered Club Safety Boat if needed. Parents or guardians are free to participate or act as crew on the escort vessel (provided they are members) or to go afloat in their own boats during these sessions. Parents and guardians also form a useful task force for launching and recovering dinghies and this is encouraged.

 It is acknowledged that many of the dinghies participating in 2023 will be Club hire boats but parents are still encouraged to purchase their own dinghies going forward to allow more newcomers to join in.

Youths at the Club are expected to know how to rig the boats they use and, importantly, know how to pack them away after use properly and tidily e.g. with covers strapped down tightly so they shed water. Instruction is available.

 The Club will also offer formal RYA courses in 2023 and beyond under the management of our Training Principal, Elliot Marks, and these courses will be advertised in advance.