Club Opening Times

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2024 Sailing Times

Mon-Fri: Sailing from 9am to dusk (club members only).  Clubhouse Closed and Safety Cover not provided.  Buddy Sailing Bylaw applies.

Sat & Sun: Sailing from 9am to dusk (club members only).  Safety Cover provided (dependent on volunteers).

Wetsuits or drysuits are required to be worn between 1 November and 30 April

Club House Opening Times

The clubhouse is open for member’s use between  09.30 – 17.00 most Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays.    Watch the sailing and the scenic views from the clubhouse room and balcony on the first floor whilst enjoying hot meals, drinks and snacks from the galley and members’ bar.  Changing rooms and hot showers are available on the ground floor.

SES water do not permit dogs within the clubhouse, grounds and car park at Bough Beech Sailing Club.

During Clubhouse opening a volunteer ‘Officer of the Day‘ will be available to assist members using the club and show prospective members around the club.

Additional opening for the Thursday Evening Racing Series or other special events and information on any weekend closures can be found  in the club calendar.

Space in the indoor workshop can be arranged for members wishing to carry out their own repairs to their boat.  Please contact the bosun power for further details including applicable charges.

Visitors to the Club

Please come and visit us during the clubhouse opening hours to find out more about the club and let us show you around.  Please park in the visitors car park and speak to the ‘Officer of the Day’ who will be wearing an orange hi-vis vest.  Alternativly ask one of our members to assist you.

Visit our membership page or contact our membership secretary for more information on the club.  New members are always welcome.

Member’s guests must be signed in to the visitor log inside the clubhouse enterance.  Participants in our open events should sign in for the event on the first floor of  the clubhouse.

Sailing on the Reservoir

We share the reservoir with other users including Fishermen and the Kent Wildlife Trust.

No sailing is permitted beyond the marker buoys at the north end of the reservoir which denotes the bird sanctuary area.

If there are fishermen at any point around the reservoir either on or off the water, sailors and powerboats must leave at least 50 metres clear distance around them and cause as little disturbance in terms of noise and speed as possible.

Except in emergencies, landing is restricted to the area in front of or near the slip way.  No swimming or paddling is permitted in the reservoir except in the event of a capsize or testing, or when launching or beaching boats and boards.

From time to time blue-green algae has been present in the reservoir.  Take care to avoid swallowing any reservoir water and wash hands thoroughly after comming back ashore.

Saftey Boat Cover

Safety Boat cover is provided on most Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays and other special events by our volunteer safety squad.

Members are reminded that they should assess their own and their crew’s fitness, competence, clothing and the suitability and strength of their boat and equipment for the prevailing conditions before leaving the shore.

Sailing without Safety Cover

Buddy Sailing Bylaw

At times when no safety cover is available, the club recommends that a minimum of two boats should be on the water at all times (‘Buddy Sailing’). Children under 18 must always be accompanied by a responsible and competent adult on the water and particularly, if the child is under 15, they should have a competent adult in their boat. For children, the two boat minimum rule is mandatoryand the second boat must at all times be in close enough attendance to offer assistance if necessary. (Bylaw E5)

SES water do not permit dogs within the grounds and car park at Bough Beech Sailing Club

Affiliated Members of Bough Beech Sailing Club:

Sevenoaks School

Tonbridge School

14th Tonbridge Sea Scouts

Weald of Kent Sailing Association

We participate in friendly interclub competitions with our neighbouring sailing clubs in the Weald of Kent Sailing Association

Bough Beech Reservoir is part of SES water

We share the reservoir with

Bough Beech Fishing Club

Kent Wildlife Trust

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