On the 3rd September 2017, Bough Beech youth members Frances, Luka, Joe and Casper visited Medway Yacht Club to take part in a Topper Traveller series event.

The day started  with us arriving and rigging our Toppers. Then it was a quick change before the briefing at 10 o’clock. After everyone had memorised the course, rules and had a bacon sandwich, it was time for final checks then off to the slipway!

The first race went well for us all. The wind was steady and was fortunately stronger than the tide which helped a lot. All the team had good results which raised our confidence for the next race.    The start of the second race was a bit too much for Frances’ fairleads as they snapped off 5 seconds before go time! This meant that she had to go in early but the problem was fixed for the afternoon races. Meanwhile Luka, Casper and Joe had another good race despite the falling tide and rising winds.

After a delicious lunch, all the team set out again for the afternoon racing. Unfortunately, while sailing out to the course, Joe’s fairleads decided to pack in as well so, with no replacements, he had to sit out for the rest of the event; but with already two 8th places under his belt.

The tide had gone out almost completely around the start line; something that our sailors didn’t know about, which lead to Frances having to drag her Topper to the line! The fleet set off in higher winds than the morning and a stronger tide. The balance between Frances’ kicker and downhaul was uneven, therefore the boat was constantly being pulled towards the wind.  After a few tiring capsizes and a constant battle with the boat, she decided to come in.

Casper and Luka stayed out in the races and did really well. Luca moving up to the front of the middle fleet and Casper gaining places towards Luka constantly. Considering this was one of Joe and Casper’s first times in a Topper, they did really well.  All the team enjoyed the event and gained good results. They are looking forward to doing more competitions together and with others from the club.