In light of the developing situation around Coronavirus, Bough Beech Sailing Club General Committee have agreed to suspend all organised activities at the sailing club with immediate effect, the situation will be reviewed on 30th April

We recognise that this news will be disappointing and potentially worrying for some.  However, at this stage this does not necessarily mean cancelling all sailing activity.  You can continue to use the water in accordance with our buddy sailing bylaw E5. The clubhouse will be closed.

The Government has advised against mass gatherings, to minimise social contact to curb the spread of the virus

This decision has been taken in response to this measure to protect the health and wellbeing of all of our members and visitors.


Buddy Sailing Bylaw E5:

As is well known, sailing has its inherent risks. At times when no safety boat cover is available, the Club strongly advises that a minimum of two boats should be on the water at all times. In addition, Children under 18 must always be accompanied by a responsible and competent adult on the water and, particularly if the child is under 15, they should have a competent adult in their boat. For children, the two- boat minimum rule is mandatory and the second boat must at all times be in close enough attendance to offer assistance if necessary.