Despite the extremely light wind conditions on Saturday, our fleet of around 20 RS Fevas managed to fit in 4 average-lap races.  


Conditions varied – the wind tends to shift a bit at Bough Beech, and so there tended to be biases on the start line, and more wind further away from the shore and treeline. The course shifted to the left twice throughout the day, following the direction of the wind. This was sometimes hard to follow, but kept the racing interesting! 


One particularly stand-out moment was during the second race – the wind suddenly picked up, and almost every pair of crew and helm were cheering and preparing to sail as far as possible in the short gust. Unfortunately, it died a second later.  


And last but not least;  

A massive ‘thank you’ to Jonny Moss for organising this event, and to the Bough Beech Sailing Club for hosting!