Club closure

Further to the note sent around to members last night, the Club’s Flag Officers have met to consider the RYA’s legal advice to all sailing clubs about the meaning of the lock-down regulations just announced by the Government.  Sadly, it is clear that BBSC must close to members for at least the next four weeks with no access allowed to the club or grounds.  We thus return to Stage 1 of the Club’s Road Map to recover from Covid-19 restrictions.  This decision will be reviewed as soon as Government advice changes.

The Icicle

The Committee has with regret also decided that, in view of the worsening Covid crisis, the Club will not run the usual Open Icicle event in January and February 2021.

A number of things played into this decision apart from the risk that no organised racing may be allowed anyway.  We are unable to offer our visitors any facilities.  There was real doubt we could muster enough volunteers to form the larger shore-based team of volunteers that would be needed every weekend to deliver the event in a Covid-secure way.  And, critically, we have a shortage of safety boat helms which could prevent us from providing two-boat cover over all eight weekends.

Instead the club will, if possible, organise for members only the Winter Handicap Championship 2021, to be sailed over 9 weekends from 3 January to 28 February, using Committee Boat starts.  If there are enough Asymmetric entries they may be given their own start on a separate course.  The NoR and Sailing Instructions will be published in due course.


On a positive note, the club has decided to purchase two marquee style tents that will be erected in the boat park to provide a ladies’ and gents’ changing area out of the wind and rain.  These will be going up in time for the Winter Handicap Championship.

Board Foiling Trial

The Committee has agreed to a request from two members to carry out a trial of foiling windsurfers and hand-held wing boards at times when there is no racing.  If the trial is successful, they may bring a motion to the next AGM to have them allowed, possibly with restrictions.