F3 – 4 SSE and nearly dry, perfect conditions for the Easter Monday Pursuit Race bought a dozen boats to the line (though not all on time!)  A beat once  from Wot4 to the SE corner and a run to just shy of the bird sanctuary then back to the SE corner and then laps reaching almost to the SW corner running to the west point fetching to the pump in point and beat back to the SE corner, simples … you’d have thought so ….

2 Tera’s, Topper, Laser Radial, 2000, Laser, Super Nova, Finn, RS200, Scorpion (eventually), Phantom & National 18 all duly started … sausage first … then squares till 13:30hrs … simples … for some … 3 being DSQ’d for sailing the wrong course including the lead boat … !!!

Then the Super Nova swam on the reach and Radial rolled in on the run and still the 200 couldn’t catch the Finn and so at the allotted time the finishing order was …

  1. Rob Howe – Laser
  2. Richard Sharpe – Finn
  3. Mike Warwicker & Kate Fitzsimmons – RS200
  4. Martin Burgess – SuperNova
  5. Connie Hill – Laser Radial
  6. Trevor & Will Chanter – National 18
  7. Barry & Linda Wolfenden – Scorpion
  8. Peter Cook – Phantom

… & 3 awarded a muffin prize for their indiscretions!