We have the up and coming need for a new Safety Boat Coxswain, volunteer.

Duties include:
  • Maintain the names & details of BBSC members that have been accepted onto the Safety Boat Squad (SB Squad)
  • Ensure SB Squad members have up to date RYA qualifications & RYA 1st Aid certificates
  • Encourage SB Squad members to volunteer for sufficient duties in order to maintain their personal skill levels and to cover all Club events requiring a safety boat
  • Liaise with all members of the Club’s General Committee and Sailing Committee, particularly the Club’s Duty Secretary, RYA Training Principal, Bosun Power, Principal Race Officer, Safeguarding Officer and RYA Power & Safety Boat Instructors
  • Attend Sailing Committee meetings
  • Assist the Training Principal with identifying potential candidates for RYA Powerboat, RYA Safety Boat and RYA 1st Aid training and assist in setting up courses
  • Encourage general BBSC members to work towards obtaining qualifications required to join the SB Squad with the aim to maintain numbers
  • Arrange SB Squad training/refresher days
  • Periodically review the BBSC Safety Boat Squad Handbook
  • Recognise that all duties at BBSC are carried out by volunteers
  • Observe the privacy of BBSC members’ data as required by data protection legislation
For further information please contact: