Over the years windsurfing kit has changed considerable and we are sure our members and others have fond memories of driving to the beach or to Bough Beech, rigging up and getting on the water.  As a new person rediscovering the joy of windsurfing I am amazed at how easy the modern kit makes for learning and advancing.  I have some good memories of me cutting down dagger boards, cutting up booms and rolling sails around the mast just so I could go out in stronger winds. I also remember wooden paddle boards from the 70’s!  But then again, this was in New Zealand and we liked to innovate!

Sadly, the photos don’t exist!

We want to get loads of photos of members windsurfing and paddle boarding, now and in the past, so I can put them into a video.

If nothing else, it will give me something to do if lock down means we cant’ get on the water for a few weeks or the wind isn’t up to much!  Its also a way to remind people that we have a great venue for families to enjoy together once we get back to the new “normal” of daily life.

Please send your photos to windsurfers@boughbeechsc.org.uk