One of the unforeseen benefits of the current pandemic (there haven’t been many!) is that all summer we have been able to use the lake during daytime under buddy rules.  This has enabled many to enjoy the lake and discover the fun of simply sailing, more so with the growing number of windsurf members. There has even been a member out on a windsurf foil board which has raised a bit of a chat with the local fishermen.


We are trying to keep people interested in the sport and through our WhatsApp group there is active chat about technique, wind conditions, buying and selling kit and the inevitable string of funny posts.  In particular, the chat has meant that many have been able to sail at short notice, whenever the wind looks good.  We have regularly had as many as eight boards on the water on some days and there is even one member mastering a windsurf foil board.


We have a good spread of windsurfers, in age (15-70 plus) and ability, with the “older hands” giving their time, knowledge and some equipment to the young and less experienced windsurfers.  The sport and the availability of equipment is now so accessible that people are also rediscovering the joy of sailing.  Nationally, during the Covid period windsurfing has recorded a steady increase in numbers as families and people see it as a way to get on the water.


Bough Beech is far and away the best location in the southeast for inland windsurfing.  We are really pleased with the renewed interest and would love to see more people getting involved.  The club has a number of boards and rigs available for hire and existing members are happy to give their time to anyone who wants to have a go. We are working on how to make it more accessible for new and existing members and how to share our fun in the sport.  We also want to get some members trained as instructors and look to start a junior club (RYA T15) as a way to provide a real focus to the sport.  This will include looking to develop a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) group as the cross over with both sports is great.

If you want to get involved in windsurfing or SUP or have a go please email