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Welcome to Bough Beech Sailing Club

We are a friendly, family orientated club in the weald of Kent about 5 miles to the west of Sevenoaks. The club is run by the members for the members and offers first class sailing in an unspoilt location with easy access to the water. BBSC offers general sailing, training at all levels, regular club racing and open meetings supplemented by a growing series of social events. We welcome beginners and experienced sailors alike and a variety of classes are sailed at the club. Our clubhouse offers hot food and a bar at the weekends, often enjoyed by members using our sun terrace overlooking the stunning views. Do come and have a look round the club as new members are welcome.

  • BB youth sailing ...

  • ... bearing off round the W'ward Mark.

  • Preparing to go afloat

  • Kent , the winners of NSSA 2014

  • Photographic proof that sailing is a thinking person’s game!

  • Ready to go

  • Solo sailor Peter E Streakers to best BB boat in the 2014 open

  • I've got a shiny bottom...

  • Streakers Rounding the Windward Mark

  • Laser and Streaker Open 2014

  • Still smiling!

  • Phantom Winter Championships March 2014

  • Contendering 2014 March open

  • 'pm' 2nd March '14, .. the rest have gone right ..

  • Two of Bough Beech's finest Race Officers!

Latest News

Barts Bash

Trevor Chanter  |  27-Jul-2014

EVERY BOAT OWNING MEMBER IS NEEDED For the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD Attempt in the biggest yacht race ever. SEPTEMBER 21st 2014. Race to be sailed for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation. “BARTS BASH” Bough Beech S.C. is a participating club in this world wide race...

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Best Regatta A Yoth Could Do!!!

Connie Hill  |  26-Jul-2014

21st-25th July the National Schools Sailing Association held the 2014 Nationals regatta for all youths in 17 different counties all over the UK. Five BBSC youths, Jack Hill, Elliot Marks, Heather Denbigh, Lewis Humphries and myself went to Downs SC to represent Kent in NSSA. The ..

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5th BBSC Topper Tera Youth Squad 20th July

Liz Denbigh  |  26-Jul-2014

Three Teras and five Toppers and a Laser Pico signed in for the 5th BBSC Topper Tera ‘Youth Racing Squad’ training session on Sunday 20th July. The plan was to run a series of short races to see if the training had made a difference to the squad’s sailing, and with the hotshots E..

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Exhausted after a great week at NSSA!

Heather Denbigh  |  26-Jul-2014

Connie and I went down to a regatta at Downs sailing club where we had to battle the wind, sun and tide. We raced against 70 other toppers in three races each day apart from Tuesday and Wednesday as the weather wasn't allowing us to. but we were never bored because the atmosphere..

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Photographic proof that sailing is a thinking person’s game!

Jon Hill  |  12-Jul-2014

Photographic proof that sailing is a thinking person’s game! If you are one of our young members you too could be hunched round that table learning the finer points of getting to the finish line first. You might have started with Pirates & Buccaneers where you found a boat ca..

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Solos available

Nick Marden  |  08-Jul-2014

It was good to see double figures on the Solo start line again on Sunday at the start of the Late Summer Series. A quick reminder that if any other club member wants to try out a Solo, we have a club boat available for a small fee. Just email me to book a go. If that whets your a..

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4th BBSC Topper Tera Youth Squad 8 July

Liz Denbigh  |  08-Jul-2014

Twelve Toppers and two Teras turned up for the 4th BBSC Topper Tera ‘Youth Racing Squad’ training session. This session was all about mark rounding and starting. After a briefing in the club the fleet got away in to a 2/3 breeze and some sun to the sailing area at the North end o..

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Results updated

Mike Warwicker  |  03-Jul-2014

The summer series is over and the results are online for your perusal..

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Sailing this week 3-6 July

Mike Nicholls  |  03-Jul-2014

Tonight looks good for the Thursday night race starting at 1930 with food to follow if you like. Should be 10-14 kts from the SW and very warm and sunny - so perfect for a sneaky midweek sail. Saturday has the usual informal short course racing in the morning from 11am - similar ..

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Lasers Sunday 29th June

Mike Nicholls  |  03-Jul-2014

Great sailing last Sunday with a decent amount of wind for racing, and some planing, and sunshine. 11 Lasers on the line and close racing throughout the fleet with some of us managing to keep Richard Southern interested as he cruised at the front and Keith Minnis showing good spe..

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Thursday Evening Race 2 | 12-Jun-2014


Thursday Evening Race 3 | 19-Jun-2014


Sunday Racing Solos, Lasers and Handicap 11:00am start | 29-Jun-2014

The last of the Early Summer series Solos 2 races am Lasers 2 races ..

Family Week | 11-Aug-2014

Sailing Week 2014 Parental Consent Form Sailing Week 2014 Parental Consent Form (58 KB)

Sailing Week 2014 Medical Form Sailing Week 2014 Medical Form (58 KB)

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